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Car Detailing

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Our car detailing services offer a wide range of services from headlight reconditioning, paint removal, interior shampoo, waxing, overspray removal, high-speed buff – we even do boat detailing! Our team of experts use the latest equipment and techniques to get your car looking and smelling like new again. 

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Headlight Reconditioning

The headlight reconditioning process involves removing the outer layer of the headlight lens, and then polishing and buffing the lens to restore its clarity and shine.

Paint Removal

If not done properly, paint removal can damage the underlying metal of your car. We have several tools to remove paint from your vehicle safely and effectively.

Interior Shampoo

Our professional process includes vacuuming, pre-treating carpet and upholstery to loosen any embedded dirt, shampooing, and extraction to remove dirt or grime lifted from the surface.


We apply a high-quality wax product to the surface of the car in a thin, even layer, allowing it to dry, and then buffing it off with a microfiber cloth to create a protective and glossy finish that can last for months.

Overspray Removal

Paint particles can cause damage to your car’s finish if left untreated. The overspray removal process involves using specialized clay bars, solvents, or abrasive materials to carefully remove the overspray without damaging the underlying paint or clear coat.

High-Speed Buff

A high-speed buff is effective for removing light to moderate scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections in your car’s paint finish.

Cement Removal

Concrete and cement splatters from construction sites and highway projects are tricky to remove without scratching the paint on your car. It’s a delicate process that requires a skilled professional to avoid damaging the paint or clear coat.

Boat Detailing

Our on-site boat detailing services provide thorough interior and exterior cleaning of your boat.